ecigr. was recently launched in order to provide the growing number of electronic cigarette users in the UK with unbiased reviews. It is estimated that there are currently a total of 1.3 million active electronic cigarette users here in the UK. Sources say that roughly 400,000 of these users are former tobacco smokers that have used e-cigs to replace their old habit.

The modern day electronic cigarette was invented by Chinese Pharmacist Hon Lik at the turn of the millennium. Lik invented the tobacco cigarette simulation device after losing his father to lung cancer. His first generation electronic cigarette was comprised of a battery, cartridge, atomizer and e-liquid solution. At the heart of the electronic cigarette is the atomizer, which is responsible for heating the e-liquid solution contained in the cartridge into a vapour form. The battery component is responsible for providing the power necessary to drive the atomizer. E-liquids are commonly comprised of propylene glycol, varying amounts of nicotine and flavouring.

Electronic cigarettes were an almost instant hit in the smoking communities. The idea that the harmful effects of tobacco could be eliminated but the physiological sensations retained appealed to a large group of people. However, the swift growth in popularity of electronic cigarettes brought increased scrutiny by regulatory agencies such as the MHRA.

ecigr. founder, Alexis Carson decided to launch the electronic cigarette review UK site after she realized how her knowledge of various e-cig companies could benefit others. Carson was a longtime tobacco cigarette smoker who was able to quit cold turkey with the help of electronic cigarettes. However, her particular tastes led her to try a wide assortment of electronic cigarette starter kits before finding one that suited her needs. She was then often consulted by friends on which electronic cigarette would be best suited for them. Alexis hopes that will develop into a community of vapers (term used for e-cig users) with the common goal of providing the best info on each product and the e-cig industry as a whole.

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