As Canada enjoys a low crime rate, thousands of people across the world prefer to immigrate to this country. CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the governing organization that monitors the number of aliens immigrating to the country. However, not everyone is considered eligible to apply for it. He or she has to meet certain criteria to file a petition for getting Canada permanent residence. Generally, business entrepreneurs and skilled workers obtain their visas quickly and conveniently as compared to other applicants.

The efficient workers who want to obtain visas to enter Canada should contact Federal Skilled Workers. By applying for the visa here, he or she can get employment opportunities easily in the country. However, to do all these things in a hassle-free way, you should get in touch with a well-known visa service provider who will help you at every step. If you want to get a job in abroad, then you are undoubtedly going to stay there for a long time. In such cases, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will check your language skill and educational qualification to approve your visa which you are applying under the category of Permanent Residence. Once you qualified in this entire test where you will definitely get professional assistance from the visa service provider, you can get a green card. To make the governing body or CIC approve your visa, you have to at least 67 % in the eligibility test.

Since 2006, there is another quite easy process to get visa. At present, CIC is allowing the candidates to submit their application form for getting visa just by filling up the form correctly and by paying a few bucks which is regarded as the processing fee. While submitting form by availing this process, you can get rid of submitting the various documents that you had to submit earlier. Before 2006, it was mandatory for the candidates applying for Canada permanent residence visa to qualify in International English Language Testing System or IELTS. After successfully completed this test, they had to submit their bank statements as it was also a requirement during that period and without it, completion of the process was impossible.

However, the rules that you will read here are all subject to change just like any other rules of a country as per the requirements judged by CIC. Therefore, it’s very important for you to check the rules imposed by this authority before you apply for the visa. But, you can sit relax if you have called a renowned visa service provider. It’s because an experienced or reputed agency will always keep them updated with the latest changes made in this area.

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