Creating a profitable e-mail list is not something that will magically occur. And, there is no secret method that you have to discover. There are no fancy techniques that only insiders use. These are not going to help you (even if they do exist in some secret box or file). You need to create a solid foundation for yourself. This is how you are going to make money through email marketing. The key to building a highly profitable list is using techniques that have been tested and have produced results. When a new shiny method pops up, we usually jump on that bandwagon, forgetting all the solid techniques that really work. They are called tried-and-true because they have a profitable repeatable track record. Here are some things you should never forget.

You need to spend some time on your subject lines. It's ludicrous how touchy spam filters today are on most email clients. One strategy many email marketers use to get around this issue is to use numbers instead of letters or to spell words wrong. You don't want to do this. Don't overcomplicate your subject lines. At the same time they also need to be entertaining and descriptive. If you want your email to land straight in the spam folder then by all means use a subject line like "This Email Will Show You How to Make a Million Dollars!" On the other hand, a subject line like "Newsletter Edition #7: Suggestions on Increasing Your Profitability" will have a much better chance of getting through.

The only email you'll get when people sign up is the one they are comfortable giving you. You'll find that quite a few of the email addresses you get were created by people so they could join your list. What you have to do is impress them with your messages so that they'll want to use their "real" address to sign up. You may find it frustrating because you want a list full of principal addresses but your server won't be able to differentiate.

The list service provider you sign up with should have amazing customer service. It's imperative that you are able to talk to a live person if you experience any problems. Even if this doesn't have much to do with direct selling, it is critical that all your emails get to the right place and this is helpful.

There's less chance of something like someone stealing your list to sell it happening. Customer service is critical in any area and a worthy list provider who expects to get paid their subscription should offer the best. If what you're getting isn't what you want, don't settle - walk away.

If you want your email marketing campaigns to succeed, there are lots of things that have to be considered and worked on. There's a chance that you've been successful but now it's starting to dwindle. The real cash can be made using the basics, so never forget it no matter your reasons.

Don't be gullible and fall for the first shiny new method or promise that is overhyped. Stick to the techniques that worked for you when you were building your foundation. You'll never go wrong with the essentials.

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