Gotham Starring 2 Time Emmy Award Winner Martha Byrne Available on Vimeo On Demand Worldwide

Manhattan, N.Y. -- Onward and Sideways Media Announces: Emmy Nominated Gotham Movie on Vimeo On Demand available for rent or purchase. Own Your Digital Copy Today!

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The Emmy-nominated web series GOTHAM from Executive Producer Martha Byrne (ex-Lily, ATWT) and Director Lisa Brown (ex-Nola, GL) is now available on Vimeo On Demand. All 13 of the 4-6 minute episodes have been edited into one full 45 minute pilot/Movie of The Week and can be downloaded either to rent or buy.

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Onward and Sideways Media Announces the Release of The Emmy Nominated Soap “Gotham” on Vimeo On Demand.

Starring: 2 Time Emmy Award Winner Martha Byrne & 2 Time Emmy Award Winner Michael Park.

Director: Lisa Brown
Producer: David Wenzel ( Onward and Sideways Media)

Gotham was created for the web in 2009 by Martha Byrne and Lisa Brown, both known for their decades of work in daytime television. Gotham was recognized with an Emmy nomination in 2010 in a new category specifically created to celebrate new media. After a successful run of thirteen webisodes, averaging 4-6 minutes each, the creators have decided to edit all the episodes together in a long format. By putting Gotham in this format fans who have enthusiastically watched the webseries online now have a new way to support the show. For Vimeo subscribers who enjoy watching what they want, when they want, the entire 45 minute pilot episode of Gotham can be viewed in one sitting for .99 cents.


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