We cannot even imagine in our wildest dreams that one day we will walk into our offices and we will get the news that the whole office will get four months off with full pay. If this were true then what would you do with this free time? Chase a life-long dream, spend time with your kids or take care of stray animals? 

If you are confused then you can ask the employees of a Minnesota based ad agency that gave its employees a lifetime of a gift- 500 working hours of leave from work at full pay. Kare11, the Local news station reported that after extrapolating a cyclic lull in the business and with more than enough cash reserves, the partners at the Barrie, D’Rozario, Murphy thought some time off for the employees is a no-brainer. 

Mr. D’Rozario, one of the partners said that the move was not at all business oriented and he hoped that the quality time will bring in a positivity and fresh energy among the employees. As Stuart D’Rozario said in the interview to Kare11,” If the only thing that comes out of it is that everyone got time to do great things and have an amazing four months which are the best times of their lives then that would be well worth it.” 

The agency is following the steps of other companies of the likes of Google that keep practicing such policies to recharge the batteries of the employees. For more such interesting news and informative topics you can browse http://dizznodesign.com and navigate through the directory submissions on the website.