PDF files can be extremely hard to deal with sometimes especially when they are protected. They cannot be opened, modified or even read usually. However, the Free Decrypt PDF makes the job easy to encrypt those protected PDF files. This tool easily removes any type of restrictions associated with the protection of PDF files. Users can then read, modify or make changes to the PDF files as per their requirement. This is a great tool that can come handy any time. It is as simple as downloading it directly and installing it in the system. Anyone new to technology can also use this tool with ease because it is simple to understand and all the options are right there on the screen.

The tool is free of charge and is much better than those expensive tools of the same kind available out there. The Free Decrypt PDF comes with a lot of interesting features such as batch decryption that allows users to decrypt multiple files at once. The drag and drop features allows users to simply drag the files that need to be encrypted. Alternatively they can also use the browse option to manually select the files for decryption. The PDF files are encrypted by using passwords or certificates. And this tool does an excellent job of decrypting any type of files. Users can simple open, view, edit, extract or print the file. This tool is definitely worth recommending.

About Free Decrypt PDF

The Free Decrypt PDF file is a freeware that helps users encrypt password protected PDF files. The tool is a light weight application that can be easily and simply installed and does not occupy much space.

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