With the endless aisles of energy drinks like Monster,Rock Star Energy, And Red Bull it's hard for those looking for an healthy alternative to find a healthy energy drinks. It's hard for those are looking for a healthy energy drink alternative to find one. It can be easy to be deceived by these claims of how they contain vitamins and supplements to convince it's good for you. But if you really read the label you will see right away that indeed they are very unhealthy with loads of sugar and additives.

How To Tell If So Called Healthy Energy Drinks Are Really Healthy.

To spot healthy energy drinks you have to look closely on the label of ingredients on the can.

What To Look For On The Can.
For healthy energy drinks to be considered healthy it must not contain.

Artifical Flavors
Artifical Sugars
Artifical Caffiene
Additives Or Preservatives
Artifical Colors
Large Dosage Of Sugar

What Healthy Energy Drinks Will Contain.
To find a healthy energy drink you will want to find one that has some of these ingredients.
Green Or White Tea (natural caffiene)
Natural Sugar From Fruits Or Stevia
Low Sugar Amount
L- Carnitine
B12 Or CoQ10 For Natural Energy Production.

The truth of the matter is that energy drinks on the market like Monster, Rockstar, and Red Bull give you a short spike of energy. The large amounts of sugar in these energy drinks like Rockstar give you short spike of energy followed with a crash. Over long periods of time this can affect your health for the worse with the constant spiking of your blood sugar levels. So I recommend looking for healthy energy drinks as an alternative to the energy drinks you can find at your local store So do your research and don't be fooled by claims of being an healthy energy drink.

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