Torrance, California — There are many ways to stuff stockings this Christmas, but none more unique than Energy Muse products. This maker of high-quality crystal energy pieces offers a full line of “stocking stuffer” items that are sure to please everyone on the gift list, whether the recipient wants crystal jewelry or some other type of energy piece.

Located on the web at , Energy Muse offers the most beautiful and well-crafted crystal necklaces and healing jewelry available. Healing crystal jewelry from Energy Muse receives great reviews from users as well as support from the celebrity community. Many singers and stars have been spotted wearing a power bracelet or necklace from Energy Muse.

Crystal bags. A small bag filled with healing crystals, these come in varieties such as Attract, Cancer, Chakra, Grounding and Wealth as well as every Zodiac sign. Each bag contains specific crystals chosen to support that wearer’s needs.

Charm keychains. Blessed with small crystals and an important charm at the end, these little chains make great gifts. They include To Be, To Know, To Love and To Serve.

Cleansing Crystals. In selenite, these individual crystals are designed to cleanse and refresh energy in both people and stones.

Wearable Scents Bracelet. These bracelets contain not only important crystals but a lovely scented piece that gives off a fresh, but not overpowering, odor. Each set includes a spray bottle of scent to refresh the crystal from time to time. Featuring Apothia IF, these sets are made to give wearers and those around them the subtlest hint of lively scent.

Energy Muse has everything needed for an entire stocking stuffer list, no matter who is on it. Shopping at Energy Muse helps everyone fill his or her own stocking stuffer gift list so that all can relax and enjoy the holidays.

About Energy Muse:

As the acknowledge leader in creating unique and beautiful healing crystal jewelry, Energy Muse upholds the highest standards in quality jewelry pieces. With a full line of inspirational jewelry, energy jewelry and power bracelets, Energy Muse can supply crystal pieces for almost any purpose.

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