CHINA - Greening Solution from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited offers a variety of Green Roof Systems for the improvement of urban environment, the working environments as well as improving the quality of lives of people living around. Green Roof installation means a lot of benefits attached which includes protection of the building, extends the service life of the roof materials, reduction in indoor temperatures, weakens the noise outside, increase in air humidity, allowing clean air to pass into the building by mitigating atmospheric dust, etc. Apart from enhancing the beauty of the building, the green roof system also helps in energy savings.

The thermal insulation feature in the green roofs helps in electricity Ground Reinforcement savings up to 30%. It saves natural rainfall, reduces water leakage, releases fresh oxygen, reduced carbon dioxide emissions by absorbing them and reduces the pressure on urban drainage. Leiyuan offers various Green Roof System Materials Roof Garden Drainage or Water Drainage System, Drainage Sheet, Storage Water Board, Storage and Drain Water Plate, Plastic Water Drainer, Roof Water Drainage Systems, etc. While the drainage sheets can be used on roof tops or even tunnels, the Drainage Boards are basically used for landscaping, golf courses, play grounds, tunnels, undergrounds, etc.

Leiuyuan offers other products such as Grass Grids, Drain Covers, Vertical Greening Materials, Plant Container, Storage and Drainage Board. These products are extremely easy to install which means there is less time consumption. They are unique and are known for reducing the surface temperature either on the roof or around the building depending upon the type of product that is used. The products are made up of HDPE Material which is the High Density Polyethylene which is best known for being wear resistant with a good impact. So, these products last longer thus saving re-installation costs.

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Greening Solution, based at China is a site owned by Grass Reinforcement Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited which involves in research and production of plastic gardening materials. They produce the highest quality gardening products for landscape construction, city greening, etc. These products come in simple designs which can be easily installed and are of high quality available at reasonable prices.

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