China - Flotation machine could be mainly used for sorting colored black metal and other non-metal objects such as coal, fluorite and others. Although this machine is very curial for mining industry, most of related enterprises do not know how to better maintain their machines. Today, engineer from Zhengzhou Hengxing Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd will introduce with people these necessary points.

The working ability and duration of the flotation machines should be determined by the maintenance and keeping of the major part machines. This point just likes that of other machines such as crusher. All working parts of flotation machines need to be carefully checked every 3 to 4 months. However, in the initial stage of working of new flotation machine, people need to frequently check the machine in the initial few months. It is special noted that the checking for machine must be taken by the skillful people.

In order to timely replace the wearing parts of the Ball millBal to minimize downtime, each enterprise must always reserve full set of wearing parts in the warehouse. They should also determine the date and reserves volume of wearing parts depending on the circumstances and other practical data.

Thirdly, the enterprise must ensure that the operator for Ball mill should have certain amount of flotation machine technical guidance or training. The excellent operator must be fully familiar with this machine.

Fourth, in order to avoid dirt and useless objects are mixed with the oil and grease. The filter is very necessary in the oil filling process. When the flotation machine is in the working condition, the cap for the oil tank should be fully sealed. This point is very crucial. Otherwise, the dirty grease or oil will largely influence the normal operation of this machine.

Before the starting for the machine, the operator must carefully check each part of this machine. Then, the symphonic contacting between each part is so crucial before the official starting of the machine.

The basically sequence for driving the flotation machine should be press the shutter switch firstly and then press the start button of this machine. After the starting of the flotation machine, each operator should not use their hands or other parts of their body to touch rotating parts of this machine.

Flotation machine own comparatively higher price than other industrial machines. So, the engineer from Hengxing Machinery hopes each enterprise could pay more attention to above points to better maintain their flotation machine.

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