Among the most reputable names in mattress systems around the world is Englander Mattress. Englander is American born, having been in business here since its inception in 1894. Now, with manufacturing facilities spread across the nation and around the globe, Englander's credibility for quality and comfort is nearly legendary.

If we are among the lucky ones who sleep very well, we take that recuperative sleep for granted. Individuals who are plagued with insomnia or who endure any number of sleep disorders feel differently regarding the simple satisfaction of sleep.

Science tells us that once we fail to get the relaxation we need we are likely to end up irritable and at risk of mistake-making. Whenever we drive, we are more apt to be involved in incidents due to our slower reflexes or lack of attentiveness. Whether we balance checkbooks or drive forklifts to obtain our bread and butter, our capacity to perform simple duties can be drastically diminished when we have not had an adequate amount of uninterrupted sleep.

Lack of sleep could impact the way we interact with other people and can lead to difficulties in offices and, worse, troubles in the relationships we need to maintain a healthy emotional balance. When we're cranky and petulant, it's real tough for our loved ones to love us. It's that easy.

As if those were not causes enough to have special care in selecting a mattress, think about the many medical consequences associated with inadequate sleep. Doctors know that when we don't sleep well we are susceptible to any number of cardio-vascular illnesses including blood pressure level, arrhythmia, as well as unhealthy numbers of stress hormones in our systems. These conditions can lead to life-threatening episodes such as strokes and heart attacks. Additionally, lack of sleep could lead to immune system insufficiency which could make us at risk of the various and sundry viruses and bacterial infections which make the rounds in our workplaces. This, obviously, leads to absences from job and declines in our productivity. These things can take a toll on our lives marking the beginning of a downward spiral which could, eventually, lead to more severe health issues such as depression and death.

One is very surprised to imagine that we humans think so little about the important business of sleep that we ignore or short-change the process of selecting and investing in a mattress system that can so fully impact the worth of our lives.

It is essential that when we buy a mattress we do so in the know-how that we are making an investment in our health and well-being. With these things in mind, it seems silly that we expect to pay less for a mattress than we would for a new refrigerator, and many times less than we might for used car. The fantastic news is, whenever you shop for mattresses, you will find that in terms of value, Englander mattress prices are very affordable when you consider the many health advantages they afford.

Before you buy your next mattress, you owe it to yourself to check out the showroom of Englander mattress dealers, that are located across the country.There you will be encouraged to lie down on the many mattresses on display in order to find the mattress which suits exactly to your sleep-support needs. This "sleep test," is an essential part of making the perfect mattress choice and must not be avoided. Keep in mind, you'll be spending 1/3 of each day on this mattress - be sure it's the perfect one.

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