CHINA - Magnets are mainly used in hardware, machinery, toys, packaging and electronics; only good quality magnets can provide intelligent results without wasting the time and effort of users. E&H Magnetics Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of magnets with many years of experience in delivering specified standard products. Motor magnets, generator magnets, permanent magnets and filter magnets are offered to service seekers at reasonable prices by this magnet manufacturing and developing company. The applications and specifications of various magnets are provided on the website All the showcased magnetic products are said to be operated under CE and ISO 9001 with the support of advanced test equipment, integrated QC system and production equipment.

The website features Block, Ring, Cylinder, Segment & Arc, Rod, Disc, Cube, Sphere, Irregular and Countersunk Neodymium magnets along with some magnetic applications like Filter Magnets, Shuttering Magnets, Magnetic Sweeper, Magnetic Lifter and Pot Magnet. E&H Magnetics Co., Ltd guarantees to supply high quality magnets with specialized manufacturing and processing activities. New as well as existing customers can benefit from the support of a professional engineering team who promises to offer free technological assistance. Free samples for testing are also available from E&H Magnetics Co., Ltd, which enables all buyers to check the quality and standard of the delivered magnets. In addition, this professional supplier has integrated the entire process for the purpose of reducing the production or manufacturing cost.

The website says, ¡°Providing customers best quality products and best services is the Neodymium Magnets commitment for E&H Magnetics Co., Ltd. Customers¡¯ satisfaction is always the focus in our management and production activities¡±

The products of E&H Magnetics Co., Ltd are said to be used in automobiles, medical equipment, magnetic separators and others. Servo motor magnets, DC motor magnets, brushless motor magnets, linear motor magnets, vibration motor magnets, AC motor magnets, SmCo magnets, AINiCo magnets and hard ferrite magnets are also available from Specifications, features and other details regarding each of the listed magnets are available online via the official website. Customers can experience the pursuit of perfection in every activity with the help of good quality magnetic products and applicators from E&H Magnetics Co., Ltd. Integrated quality control systems and advanced technological support ensure the delivery of high quality reliable magnetic applicators to customers from all sectors and fields.

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E&H (NingBo) Magnetics Co., Ltd is committed to providing good quality NdFeB magnet Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) magnets to customers at reasonable and competitive rates. Reliable and effective magnets are supplied to people together with advanced technological support.

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