01 August, 2014: Giving your kid a bath can be stressful because children are commonly playful. Nevertheless, there is a way in making this bath time fun-filled, this is by utilizing the new Freddie and Sebbie’s 36-piece bath letters and numbers with bath toy organizer

Bath Letters and Numbers

This dual utility product many benefit both mom and child. 

- Little ones will relish these set of letters and numbers as they will be educated about it, permitting them to learn their ABCs and also basic Maths. 

- It’s the mothers’ joy and happiness seeing their little ones happy while they are playing throughout their bath time. The accompanying mesh organizer, provides her a convenient place to keep the bath letters and numbers when they are dry. 

“Most importantly, 36-piece bath letters and numbers with bath toy organizer is ideal for aiding and accelerating the bonding experience between mom and child,” stated Neil Speight, co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie, recognized for its top quality child-related products. 

What’s awesome concerning brand-new Freddie and Sebbie’s 36-piece bath letters and numbers with bath toy organizer is that you can utilize these toys in developing your child’s cognitive abilities as well as teach them the importance of arranging their things properly. 

The measurement of The Freddie and Sebbie foam bath letters and numbers set pieces is 7.5cm high, 5.5cm wide and 1cm depth. This item comes with a lifetime, no-hassle free replacement warranty, making it a great investment. 

Many parents are more cautious in choosing toys for their children. Neil also added, “with the Freddie and Sebbie foam bath letters and numbers and organizer set now out, it will give them an enjoyable way to begin the learning process.” 

Advantages that this product gives customers include 

- It comes with a mesh bath toy organizer
- The dimension of the letters and numbers are– height 7.5cm – width 5.5cm – depth 1cm
- Letters and numbers are water-proof and stick well on the bath tub tiles, even though it is wet
- Made out of foam so the letters and numbers float in water
- Makes bath time entertaining
- Aids to develop a child’s learning abilities
- Provides Lifetime no-hassle free replacement warranty 

“These luxury foam bath letters and numbers set now make bath time an enjoyable and comforting experience with your little one’s, watch your little ones learn while their creative playing, these will help them learn their alphabet, learn to count, learn to spell, learn various colors and most important, having a good time on the way,” as stated by Neil. 

The Freddie and Sebbie products are guaranteed to be of top quality, safe and durable, ensuring that these items are worth having. “We believe in giving the very best to both parent and child,” mentioned Neil. 

You can go to http://www.amazon.com/Bath-Letters-Numbers-With-Organizer/dp/B00IMN8SW4/ to gain more information about the lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee of Freddie and Sebbie’s Bath Letters, Numbers and Bath Toy Organizer. 

About Freddie and Sebbie: 

Freddie and Sebbie is a brand new firm about to launch selling premium quality, value for money baby items. We are brothers and we are in our forties. We are married men and gifted with 6 children in which the youngest are twin babies with name, “Freddie and Sebbie”. 

We invested in making numerous baby items with the hopes that through these products, parents will be able to make very good investments, helping other parents in parenting their kids. We ensure you that these items are tough and are worth-spending. In fact, we are also using these products personally. 

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