08, December 2015: Security threats are constantly on the rise. This is evident from the fact that despite using a strong password, people’s systems get hacked into and misused. Therefore, simply relying on a discreet username and password is not enough to keep one’s content secure.

LayerOnline is constantly working to come up with newer and hassle free ways to keep its customer’s blogs and online business and other websites running smoothly without any security threat. Their latest innovation is the cPanel Two Factor Authentication for the web hosting services that it offers.

Google’s two factor authentication engine backs this new authentication method by LayerOnline. Upon enabling this system, a mobile app is required to enter time — based code along with the usual password used at the time of login. Some of the apps that can be used for this purpose include Authy and Google Authenticator.

The fact that it takes two steps to authenticate one’s account instantly safeguards it from security threats online. With this, the users can create their own random and unique QR code or token, which then creates time - based keys used in login. This system is already in use for all customers of LayerOnline at the time of login since the past two years.

However, the cPanel was initially only secured by a security question, the answer to which would enable customers to access it. In order to add an additional security blanket, this system has been extended to the cPanel as well.

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