Music is awesome, especially when it is instrumental music. Some folks do not like rock, but let’s be honest - this is one of the most popular music styles in the world. There are hundreds of great bands and performers who have actually created rock. By the way, lots of people who are not professional musicians want to play like rock idols. Indeed, who doesn’t want to learn to play Metallica or Nirvana, or some good old classics. Gone are the days when you had to use your intuition and hearing to learn to play favorite songs. Today there are guitar tabs. Moreover, there is an application called Guitar Pro that you will definitely love.

Website is proudly announcing it is the best recourse online to look for Guitar Pro tablatures. Yes, you can google anything you want, and you will eventually find it. However, how much time would you need to find a GP tablature of some rare song by a little known performer? There is no need to search it elsewhere since there is

The site offers everything you need: Guitar Pro app which you can download and hundreds of tabs for you to learn. Even thousands of them. In fact, currently, there are 58895 tabs in the site database. Moreover, this number is growing day by day.

So, what can you find at ? As said above, the app itself. Currently, Guitar Pro 6 is offered, which is known to be the latest stable version. Having downloaded the app, it’s time to look for tabs.

Navigation is pretty easy since you can look for a song or an artist by clicking on the letter in an alphabetized list. Are you looking for Led Zeppelin songs? There are tons of them - just click on L and find this band among dozens of other bands whose names start with L. As mentioned above, you can download the app itself, namely its several versions. There are also Guitar Pro downloads for Android and iPhone.

As to the tabs, you can browse them by name or popularity. You can also view the latest tabs. Moreover, users can upload their own tabs, which is just fantastic, taking into account that you can find really rare songs.

At you will find the most popular and classical songs. As known, using Guitar Pro is very easy to use and this is the best app to learn how to play guitar. There are tabs for various software versions, from 3 to 6.

The site keeps developing, so you should expect emergence of new tabs. Enjoy it! And play your guitar like a God!

About a company: is a collection of Guitar Pro tabs. This is one of the largest collections on the net. You can also contribute to the site with own tabs.