Fujian, China, 24, December 2014: Safety is an important issue for any organization and they want their workplaces to remain safe from unauthorized people. This is the reason why security card solutions are in great demand that can allow organizations to maintain the highest level of security at their offices, factories, warehouses and other installations. Enjoyrfid Technologies Company is a pioneer when it comes to offering the best quality of card based security solutions. The company has an excellent track record of selling more than 100 million RFID cards a year, and they announce to offer security solutions to meet the demands of the global workplace.

The company has a wide range of products for the custom requirements of an organization. They have RFID card to be used as ID cards, membership cards, access control cards and for other purposes. They can supply these cards in various dimensions and in different layouts. The card could be made of PVC, PET or any other durable material and it can guarantee a long-lasting use. The cards show the highest standards of reliability and mechanical robustness to meet the requirements of the card manufacturers.

According to the company spokesperson, their NFC card is more desirable for its customization capabilities. Organizations can use these cards for personalization through Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Thermal Printing, Magnetic Strips and other ways. One can find cards with multi-gloss finishes and laminations. The cards can be used in NFC enabled devices with high standard of technical specifications. The NFC cards have several remarkable features that make them perfect security solutions for any organization around the world.

Enjoyrfid pioneers contactless smart card production with their MIFARE card based security solutions. The card has a variety of applications, such as public transport ticketing. The card also features anti-collision algorithm that ensures the functioning of more than one card in different fields simultaneously. The spokesperson maintains that their card based solutions feature the advanced technologies to enhance the convenience, security and quality measures. To learn more about their cards and solutions, one can visit the website http://www.enjoyrfid.com/

About Enjoyrfid Technologies Co., Ltd:

ENJOYRFID Technologies Co., Ltd is specialized in RFID Card and RFID Prelam inlay. The company has an annual capacity and sales for RFID card of around 100 million. All products are ROHS and ISO9001 Certified. With the great quality control team and specialized sales team, customers can enjoy a higher standard of RFID products and superior services.

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