Fujian, China; 08, December 2014: Enjoyrfid Technologies Company has established itself as the global leader of supplying secure identity solutions. The company has successfully demonstrated its improved rfid card technology that proves conducive to creating a safe work environment in organizations across the world. The company’s identification cards are based on smart technologies with authentic record gathering and authentication, and can be considered as a practical solution for modern organizations. 

The company spokesperson maintains that they design cards that meet the specific requirements of the card manufacturers. With a higher reliable and durable feature, the cards meet the highest requirements of today’s businesses that they need for employee monitoring. Packed with unique security and data protection features, the cards could be used for the real-time performance tracking of employees. The company also specializes in the nfc card technology and designs cards to be used with NFC enabled devices. The cards exactly meet the technical specifications as recommended by the NFC forum. These cards have been designed for Tag 2 applications as specified by the NFC forum, and are perfect for data security and privacy. 

Enjoyrfid introduces the card technology where contactless data transmission is possible without requiring any battery or a power source. Their mifare card with magnetic strip and thermal printing is an improved product for the modern organizations. Made of PVC and other materials, the card features a glossy finish for an impressive appearance. Moreover, it can store the desired data and which can be accessed and retrieved safely with a valid authentication. 

The company provides seamless integration of technology for offering trusted tag services to meet the present day’s employee verification needs to create a safe work environment. The company offers technology solutions that are fast and easy to use and meet the international standards. The enhanced data collection features combined with improved safety and simplicity is going to fulfill the requirements of all big or small organizations across the world. To learn more about their identification card technology and the various types of cards that they have in their portfolio, one may visit the website http://www.enjoyrfid.com/ 

About Enjoyrfid Technologies Co., Ltd: 

ENJOYRFID Technologies Co., Ltd specializes in RFID Card and RFID Prelam inlay. The company has an annual capacity and sales of around 100 million rfid cards. All products supplied by them are of high quality and have ROHS and ISO9001 Certificates. 

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