UK; 08/29/2013: Most people love to have dogs as pet animals because of their friendly and loyal nature. These animals provide lots of love, are excellent companions, and offer several other good feelings to their owners and therefore are widely loved. However, having pet dogs will sometimes result in difficulties because just like human beings, these animals are also susceptible to health issues. Being aware on the common illnesses that affect the various kinds of breeds can help owners tackle the situation better. Downloading three eBooks for free available will help owners understand the common ailments affecting dogs and take necessary steps to overcome these problems. 

Users can download these books for free and understand the various issues and things related to dog health. These have been written by a dog lover who has owned different kinds of animals for several years and been through the tough times while dealing with their sicknesses. You will find details on some of the most common issues related to the animals’ health, which include mild to severe problems. The main objective of these books is to enable the owners to identify the symptoms and take the necessary steps to overcome these problems. All the information comprised in each of these three books is written in a simple language, which ensures every person is able to understand the details and adopt the necessary steps in any situation. 

One of the free dog eBooks is based on the common issue of flatulence among these animals. The author provides eight simple tips that are highly effective in reducing the gassy issues faced by some of the dogs. Many animals face separation anxiety that can cause significant inconvenience to the owners. Some animals become very sad when separated even for a small time period. The second eBook provides different methods, techniques, and tips that are beneficial in helping the animals overcome their separation anxiety. A common problem with most of the breeds is the excessive hair loss. While losing hair is natural, excessive loss can be due to other problems, such as allergies, mites, and other such causes. The third book provides information on the common causes of hair loss in dogs and the possible remedial treatments that can help reduce the same. 

Having a pet dog is fun; however, keeping an eye on his or her health is tricky and determining when to visit the vet can be a confusing task. The biggest point of contention is that the animals are unable to speak for themselves and therefore, they look up to their owners for help in difficult situations. Availing the books available at free dog stuff site can help owners understand some of the common symptoms and adopt treatments without visiting the veterinarian. Most owners would be glad if they are able to save the huge expenditure of visiting the medical expert but would definitely not want their dogs to suffer. Downloading and reading these three books will offer an insight to some common symptoms that can be treated without medical intervention. 


Free dog stuff books are written by a dog lover who has owned numerous animals over the years. Based on his personal experience, he outlines some common issues that affect dogs and provide simple remedial treatments to overcome these problems. 

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