New seasonairs air every day at 4 PM


New Delhi, July 27, 2015: Discovery Kids will present a brand new season of kids’ favourite series — MISTER MAKERthat is all about being creative and having fun. Kids can put their unlimited creativity to good use with Mister Maker’s lessons on arts and crafts. Let your child’s creative juices flow with MISTER MAKER and his abilities to make the best out of waste in his art room.

The new season of MISTER MAKER will airevery day at 4 PM on Discovery Kids.


MISTER MAKER is an engaging character who will act as a catalyst for all the big ideas and brilliant arty techniques on the show and encouragekids to have a go at it themselves. Making art simple, accessible and fun for everyone is what Mister Maker loves to do.


Kids will learn a host of exciting and innovative 'make and do' techniques - such as how to paint with the edge of a cardboard box, make a dog out of an egg-box, use rubbish to make a 3D painting and a multitude of other techniques. And then 'The Shapes' come on to do their dance and present their shape puzzle. How many triangles are hidden in the picture of the pyramid?What picture are the animated circles going to make?


This unique and innovative show will inspire kids everywhere to have a go at art and crafts.


Mister Maker also has some great friends who never fail to entertain with their funny characteristics.

The Shapes: In every show, Mister Maker is joined by his four colorful friends the Shapes, who just love to do their dance.

Tocky:Tocky is a crazy cuckoo who challenges Mister Maker to make something in just a minute — or less!

Scrappz:Scrappz is a silly new friend who lives in Mister Maker’s Maker Mobile.
Mini Makers: Every episode, Mister Maker is joined by the Mini Makers who get together and make a big picture.


The show also has some unique elements like, Minute Make introduced by Tocky, where Mister Maker has one minute to complete a particular make,The Maker Mobile, Mister Maker’s very own hand crafted, super-cool construction —made from boxes, tubes and other recycled material, Doodle Drawers and many more.

Have fun learning art and making your own crafts with Mister Maker only on Discovery Kids.


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