Boston, MA — February 22, 2013 — Successful real estate investor Jennifer Cribsly announced the launching for her new website aimed at providing comprehensive information and resources on car insurance exclusively for women.

The new website,, is the latest undertaking from Boston-based Cribsly. Citing the need for a dedicated website that will help women of all ages – including females under 25 – handle their unique insurance issues, Cribsly expressed her excitement on the launch of the website and how it will help women in particular.

“Let’s face it ladies, we know our driving skills, and we need a site dedicated to insurance for women. is that site,” said Criblsy.

Prices and conditions for auto insurance are designed by insurance providers based on several factors, among them an individual’s driving record, the type of vehicle driven, the coverage the motorist wants and the existing laws in the state. Women motorists, whether they are new drivers or long-time car owners, can help themselves get the best auto insurance rates by being informed on these factors. provides information on these topics and more.

“As a site created by a woman, for women, we understand the specific needs of the gender. While saving money is the number one goal, it’s not the only goal. We want to make getting a rate quote fast, hassle-free, and most of all, enjoyable,” said Cribsly. “We want to make it fun, and hope you’ll thoroughly enjoy using this site.”

About Car Insurance for Women

Car Insurance for Women, based in Boston, is a leading provider of informational resources and rate quotes for ladies car insurance. Their services focus on providing accurate consumer reviews of womens auto insurance providers and featuring related information to help females of every age make sound and savvy decisions regarding their car insurance policies, premiums, and coverage.

For additional information on auto insurance for women, visit the website, or email Jennifer via [email protected]