20, March 2015: Since December around 4000 subscribers have actually begun mapping the Bug Free Mind Process to their lives, with Andy Shaw saying that these 4000 people have currently, or soon will improve the worlds of themselves and the lives of those who are in touch with them, and states that it’s beginning to make him feel pretty darn well. According to Andy, just considering a great life can make it a possible fact. He said… “Then, as you see it as possible, the door is opened for it becoming probable. There are a great deal of members within the bug free mind network whose lives will certainly get better, much better and some of them will certainly even go on to live great lives, and they might even end up being great people. They do not have to be world leaders, or visionaries to achieve the status of being a great person.” 

Successful people

Business owner Andy Shaw then discussed what makes great people great. He stated… “These people are made great by the relentless pursuit of a much better world. Whether it be a better world for themselves, their family, or everyone. Great people do not quit that pursuit and they don’t do it for one simple reason. They don’t know how to. Achieving the level of awareness where the pursuit is an inspiration to them implies they become invincible, as they will either pass away, or live trying to achieve their dreams. This is produced from a mind state where you have passed the point of wanting, wishing, hoping, dreaming as well as knowing. You have gone into the mind state of expectancy and acceptance, and are genuinely grateful for having had it.” 

Relating to Andy’s own personal success, he stated… “I am actually a little staggered at my own capability to achieve the impossible, and even though what’s occurring is great and is exactly what I clearly wanted and intended. It is actually happening a little faster than I would’ve liked it to, so this indicates I am presently experiencing the truth in the saying, be careful what you long for. As I saw infinite possibilities and am currently experiencing the implications of seeing things in this manner, I’m now left wondering what I am going to do now knowing that it is not possible to fail.” 

Manifestation and the worry of failure are 2 obstacles that Andy says he understands simply too well. He added… “I discovered the keys to manifestation simply through observance of my own use of the tools we have actually all been given and as each year passes I see this power grow. I read about this in many books, and discovered numerous strategies. But the real advancement in my capability to use this power to create came from when I saw I ‘d already done it. That’s where you will certainly discover the real answers, eventually my words will direct you back to something you have already done. Marianne Williamson said that our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, however that our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. I have considered this quote for several years now and am presently experiencing it occurring. Though it is not a fear for me as if it was it would not be real, however I am experiencing how powerful my mind has actually ended up being.” 

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