RALEIGH, NC — A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is now underway to raise $200,000 that will be used to bring Concierge Solutions’ Epiphany Home Automation Software to the market.

“Epiphany is really going to change the game when it comes to home automation technology, as it supports any hardware platform. So you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to add new gadgets to your arsenal; you can integrate this system with your current gadgets like smartphones and tablets.”

The Kickstarter campaign funds will be used to fund the final round of development, large-scale testing and the first production run of a mini-computer component and the IR component. In short, these funds will pay for all the stages that are required to bring Epiphany to the consumer marketplace.

Epiphany is a gadget-lover’s dream, as it has a wide range of capabilities, including the following, which can be controlled remotely or on-site via a cell phone, tablet or laptop.

- Home Automation — Turn on and control lights, music, hot tub or other home devices on a set schedule or whenever the mood strikes.

- Home Security — Epiphany can be linked to your home’s alarm system and you can control door locks, cameras and even storm shutters.

- Universal Remote — You can control your home theatre from a single app.

- Energy Controls — Turn up your air conditioner, crank up the heat on a cold night or turn on that gas-powered fireplace so it’s warm and toasty by the time you arrive home!

In addition, tech-savvy homeowners can develop their own custom servers and drivers, making Epiphany extremely customizable and scalable. This means Epiphany can be used in a small vacation home or in a 20,000 square-foot estate.

What’s more the actual software interface is customisable in terms of the colours, graphics, button shapes, button functions and beyond. Epiphany technology is completely customisable and it supports more than 20 different languages.

Contributors to the Epiphany kickstarter campaign are encouraged to donate any amount. Thank you gift packages have been set up for contributors who donate $25, $99, $199, $599, $999 or $2,500.

The packages include a copy of the completed software package, custom Ephiphany mini-computer to run the home automation software, along with an invite to the May 2013 launch party and status as a premier developer.

When testing is complete and the software hits store shelves, the Epiphany Home Automation Software will sell for $299 USD.

Learn more about Concierge Solutions’ Epiphany Home Automation Software by visiting http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/503006959/epiphany-home-automation-system

Jesse Grillo
[email protected]