UK; 14, June 2016: Many business establishments are now focusing on the popular trend of launching mobile friendly websites to reach before the target customers much easily. Apart from that, it also helps these business enterprises to educate viewers about their brands and products much easily. There are many agencies that help in the creation of mobile friendly websites. Episty is one such organization which is specialized in developing and designing mobile based websites that are compatible in all platforms. This well established mobile apps developer is dedicated to build websites that can capture the attention of the mobile users on a daily basis.

This agency comprises of a team of expert designers, developers and digital experts who give every attention to details when it comes to creating websites for mobile devices. As a part of its mobile app development services, the company often emphasizes on the use of advanced technology and innovative concepts to surplus the expectations of the clients. Customers can have a thorough glance at the work portfolios of this company in its official website. The specialized mobile app developer team of this company has been quite successful in developing Weathervane+ app which has been specifically designed for the iPhone users. This app comprises of exclusive features such as 7 day projected forecast, hourly forecast, added Twitter integration etc.

This app development London agency develops flat designed applications that are free of unnecessary shadows, swirls and fonts with the ultimate objective of providing clear and effective platform to the phone users. This implies that apps with minimal amounts of gradients, shadows and other irrelevant aesthetics can offer better performance without compromising quality. Its graphics designers usually work with parallax scrolling as it leads to the introduction of CSS3, HTML5 for allowing more eye-catching and interesting websites that are based on better user experience.

Its mobile app developers London are focused on creating easy to read icons with the inclusion of vibrant colors. They also consider the scale of the logo so that it can easily tap the interests and curiosity of the users. The company has been successful in developing top ten user interface design tools to enable clients to create uniquely designed mobile apps to garner the attention of the smartphone users. The In Vision tool of this company is now used by leading online firms like Shopify, Salesforce and Uber. This tool helps in the formation of mock-ups for the app to be shared among clients and distributors.

About Episty:

Episty is a London based app developer that was established in the year of 2010. Till now the firm has been successful in developing impressive websites for mobile users. For more information, viewers can log on to its website.