Dalian, China, 15, December 2014: Companies across the world involved in the power transmission and distribution field can rely on Equipmentimes for procuring a range of power equipments from reliable Chinese manufacturers at cost-effective prices. With the help of these machines, a company can improve the performance of their power distribution mechanism and can carry out their tasks in an economical manner to increase the profitability. 

Equipmentimes specializes in China Production lines and recommends the best Chinese supplier to an international company for its machine or equipment procurement. Moreover, they facilitate everything, from negotiating prices to delivering the machines to the client organization’s plant. The company with a team of professionals endeavors to identify the best machine or equipment as per the client’s needs. They have an extensive portfolio of machineries and recently they have added new machines for the power distribution companies across the world. 

Among the new machines, the 220KV Power Transformer can prove important for its economic indicators and improved performance. The transformer can be used for the even distribution of the voltage, and avoids uneven temperature rise within the transformer coils. Moreover, with a better insulation, it promotes faster heat dissipation for a prolonged service life. The Equipmentimes website reveals all technical parameters of the transformer for a company to place an order for it in an informed manner. 

The China based machine and equipment sourcing agency has also added the 110KV Power transformer in its portfolio to be supplied to client organizations all over the world. With high-end technical parameters, the transformer conforms to the international standards and can be installed anywhere across the world. The transformer coil is made of oxygen-free copper that makes it durable and improves its performance too. The transformer can be used to increase the performance of the power distribution networks as well as agricultural power networks. The company assures of delivering the transformer at an affordable cost to a client organization, located anywhere in the world. 

Equipmentimes serves the purpose of a local agent in China and helps accomplish the procurement without any hassles. To choose machines and equipments from their vast portfolio, one may visit their website http://www.equipmentimes.com/ 

About Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd. 

Equipmentimes is wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd. 

Equipmentimes aims to serve as an international influential third-party service platform, helping SMEs to free them from the tedious import and export business process and enabling them to concentrate on production and development. At the same time, they try to build a dynamic e-commerce industry by strengthening financial services. Equipmentimes helps SMEs to achieve international trade facilitation in a highly efficient and low cost way. 

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