The Escape Hunt Singapore has become one the most popular venues for hosting a number of corporate team building events. According to their official website, their one of a kind team building activities are known to promote cohesion, communication skills, teamwork, problem solving and creative thinking- all while having fun.

 All the activities take place in their indoor venue which consists of 6 game rooms split into 3 different adventure themes. Participants are split into teams and placed in one of the game rooms where they work together to solve a mystery and escape the room within an hour. The game rooms are, reportedly, well-lit and have a charming atmosphere. Each of the games has been designed by the CEO who is a MENSA member and has a Masters in Psychology. The games are designed in such as way so as to make all the teams work together in order to solve the puzzles and advance in the game.

Escape Hunt Singapore focuses on team building exercises by playing the games and then having a light-hearted discussion in order to impute the lessons learned inside the game rooms. They also conduct mini games to break the ice between participants. After every game, participants can dress up in Sherlock Holmes costumes for a quick team photo which is them followed by tea and biscuits in the lounge area.

According to the website, Escape Hunt Singapore can accommodate up to 42 people at a time in their game rooms. For corporate events hosting more than 42 people, Escape Hunt can be contacted directly for a customized proposal. Escape Hunt Singapore also prefer to communicate with their clients directly so that the clients can communicate their requirements more effectively and receive their desired customized package. They have organized events for major companies such as CNBC, SAFRA, Temasek, J.P. Morgan and many more. To get more information please go to

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