A number of Caribbean destinations in which Essential Hotel Collection does business were highlighted by prestigious economic publication, Forbes, in their recently published list of six up-and-coming Caribbean destinations.

Uploaded to the economic giant’s website, this list aimed to present readers with six of the fastest-growing island destinations in the Caribbean, as well as offer a brief explanation about why and how they experienced this sudden development. Two of the six resorts highlighted are St Vincent and The Grenadines and Anguilla, in both of which Essential Hotel Collection operates resorts.

St Vincent and The Grenadines is considered by Forbes to be one of the best destinations in the Caribbean for tourists looking for a quiet island resort, far from the hustle and bustle found elsewhere in the archipelago. Made up of thirty-two islands, some of which double as private resorts, this cluster is also expected to benefit from the opening of a brand-new international airport next year, justifying its inclusion on this list.

Anguilla, on the other hand, is quickly setting itself apart from the less ‘flashy’ group of Caribbean islands and breaking out on its own. A number of new hotels are slated to open on this island over the course of the next year or so, and a few will experience expansion work and renovation. Included in this latter group is the CuisinArt Golf Hotel and Spa. This establishment is part of the Essential Hotel Collection catalogue and will soon see a new restaurant, The Reef, open within its premises.

The other islands included in the list published by Forbes are Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Antigua. All of these locations are expected to benefit from the opening of new luxury resorts as a way to increase their profile in the touristic milieu, and all have been showing considerable development over the past few years, justifying their inclusion on this list.

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