30, December 2014: Jamaica has long been a popular destination for holidaymakers, especially those seeking luxury holidays in the sun to escape from the cold back home. Now it seems that tourism has seen something of a boom in the country over the past year, with increasing numbers of people choosing Jamaica as their holiday destination. The news has come as a welcome sign to celebrate by top accommodation specialists like the well-known Essential Hotel Collection.

Numbers Up

Dr Wykeham McNeill, the tourism and entertainment minister for Jamaica, recently announced that 2014 was a particularly good year for the tourism industry in his country. Speaking at the Sandals Travel Agency Recognition awards in Ocho Rios, he claimed that it was the best ever November for tourism, with arrivals to the country increasing by 6%. For the overall year, arrivals were up more than 3%.

In a further boost, it looks like the winter tourist season, which has just started in Jamaica, is set to be a particularly good one this year. Many people choose a winter getaway in Jamaica, with accommodation organised by companies like Essential Hotel Collection. In a bid to escape the winter blues, Jamaica has long been a popular destination.

It was recently revealed that 1.2 million air seats have been secured for the season, which represents a 15% increase compared to last year. Jamaica is also expecting over 600,000 cruise passengers this winter, which is more than 5% up from last year.

McNeill revealed the impressive figures at a recent event hosted by the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Representatives from Essential Hotel Collection say Jamaica is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean, and is proving to be a particularly popular place for tourism at the moment. With its combination of beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, interesting attractions and relaxing vibe, it is no surprise that it is a favourite with tourists from all over the world.

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