When it comes to art clay sculpting you can never have too many tools and supplies to help you create the designs that you wish to make. Having these tools will allow you to be as creative as possible with your jewellery making.

Regardless of whether you choose to create art clay jewellery just for fun - as a relaxing hobby - or if you create fantastic works of art in jewellery form - to sell on for a profit - you will always need new tools and accessories to help your creations stand out even more.

Here are just a few of the simple accessories that you may use during your jewellery making process and maybe some that you've yet to use and may be interested in.

Spacing strips: Spacing strips are available in an array of different colors and are usually around 1mm in size. These small strips can help you to maintain a consistant thickness when rolling out your silver or other types of art clay.

These supplies are usually very inexpensive to purchase and will provide you benefit you considerably. People who purchase spacing strips will usually also buy other supplies such as black waxed cotton cord, bead strands in various colours, beautiful charms and rhinestone accented beads as well as fashionable pendants to place on their necklaces.

Mini sanding pads: Mini sanding pads come in very handy when working with art clay to create fine pieces of jewellery. You can purchase a pack containing these mini sanding pads; these packs will usually consist of up to three grit sizes.

Each pad typically measures around 7cm x 5.5 cm and they can also be cut to the dimensions that you require. These supplies are also very affordable and can be purchased in bulk quantity, as you will probably get through a lot off sanding pads whilst you're working on projects.

Antiquing solution: This substance is used for antiquing fired and polished silver. You can purchase a small 6ml vial of this solution (known as liver of sulphur) and place a tiny amount of it into water to create a cleaning solution that will help to make your silver sparkle.

You can also clean silver in this cleaning solution; you simply hold the pieces in place using tweezers, whilst you dip them into the antiquing solution until your desired colour has been obtained.

Afterwards you have to rinse the item and polish it as desired.

In order to keep the same colour on elevated areas of your art clay and silver pieces, all you have to do it use a polyurethane varnish to coat the silver.
Silver are cloths: These cloths are handy little items that can be very useful when you are cleaning up your jewellery items. The high quality sunshine silver care cloths are infused with silver polish that help to give your silver art clay items a lustrous shine.

They are the ideal tool for adding a beautiful, sparkling touch to that final polish for any art clay silver projects that you are working on.

Art clay is a material used by a considerable number of jewellery makers. This article details some of the tools that might be used by jewellery makers when working with art clay.