16, December 2014: Bespoke jewellery design is definitely making its mark on the engagement ring world and whether it is the skill of the designer to literally make dreams come true in a ring, or the journey undertaken by the designer and client to motivate and inspire each other to create something truly unique, the process is catching on.

Esther Eyre is a designer with the talent that embodies these bespoke design elements and is proud to have joined the community of F&L Designer Guides, which promotes the philosophy of bespoke and makes it accessible to all.

Esther Eyre is a passionate and driven designer who by her own admission often surpasses even her expectations with many of her fabulous designs. She believes in the energy and the enthusiasm that her clients bring through their ideas, and she channels it into her designs that are born from her ‘heart and soul’ attitude. She loves to wow and takes every client through the design process involving them in all of the elements along the way.

L, from F&L Designer Guides, is a lover of all things intrinsically linked to the romance of history and it is these inspired aspects of Esther Eyre’s designs, interpreted through antique and bygone patterns, that caught L’s eye. Cleverly, Esther embraces the historical design elements and transfers them to her pieces using a modern understanding. Fine detailing, elegant settings, and twisting, hammered textures along with her keen interest in Etruscan work, with its oblong stones and simple lines, are all displayed in her distinctive collections and her bespoke commissions.

From detailed and intricate to soft and flowing, Esther Eyre designs with no machines and uses only her own hands to create her truly unique pieces. One couple she designed for wanted a ring inspired by the snake, the symbol of eternity. Esther loves a challenge and took it up with enthusiasm. A Victorian motif was the foundation of the ring and the snake body was adorned with mid-blue sapphires, cushion shaped rubies and a diamond tapered to give the impression of a sinewy shape and a seductive snake-like motion.

Imagine what Esther Eyre and her passionate ingenuity could do for you, your love story and your vision of the perfect engagement ring!

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