Grand Prairie, Texas, August 7, 2012: Ethereal Décor is pleased to announce it offers a special thank you gift to those who are able to provide new information on their copyrighted photos that appear on other websites. The company uses its own photographers to take the photos that are seen on their website. When other websites steal these pictures, the company loses out on money they spent and customers are misled. To help fight against this problem, Ethereal Décor provides those who offer new information on the use of these pictures a coupon code for $10 off their next purchase.

When someone sees a picture that belongs to Ethereal Décor on another website, all they need to do is email the company the information, such as the website address, to alert them of the issue. They will then look into the report and provide the sender with the coupon code if it turns out the website was not authorized to use the photos and Ethereal Décor was not already aware of that particular instance. This will encourage everyone to be vigilant against the unauthorized use of their pictures.

While this may not seem like a big deal to some people, the pictures Ethereal Décor use on their site are difficult to take so the product looks its best. In addition, fake crystals are even more difficult to photograph. This means other websites often steal pictures of real crystals, such as those on Ethereal Décor, and pass them off as their own, misleading customers.

To learn more about why Ethereal Décor makes this offer and how to let them know about their unauthorized pictures on another website, visit the Ethereal Décor website or call 1-877-484-4675.

About Ethereal Décor: Ethereal Décor is a leading manufacturer of crystals, home décor, event décor and candle holders, selling much of what they make at wholesale prices. This allows both homeowners and event coordinators to purchase these items at low prices. The more a customer buys, the lower the price will go. Ethereal Décor is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the industry, working hard to ensure no one is stealing and using their pictures for their own gain.
Company: Ethereal Décor
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State: TX
Telephone number: 1-877-484-4675
Fax number: 1-877-484-4675
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