San Jose, CA - Eu Natural, the noted health supplement provider in the US market, has launched a natural sleep aid supplement, Serenity, for those people missing out on a good night’s sleep. While sleep inducing supplements are not uncommon and found on the shopping markets, the quality of Serenity helps it stand out from the crowd. It is free of binders, fillers, and artificial ingredients and is a completely drug-free, safe-to-use product that helps users get a restful night’s sleep.

Serenity, true to its name, is born to provide some peaceful shut-eye time to the sleep deprived without any artificial ingredients. It comprises natural sleep inducing components like Valerian, Passion flower, L-Theanine and Chamomile, and not to mention Melatonin too, which is unmistakably associated with the body’s sleep and wake cycle. Since natural Melatonin level in the body drops with increasing age, it is key that Serenity can be used to treat sleep deprivation problems in adults with increased efficacy. The unique blend of GABA Amino acids and L-Theanine also ensures that the body is completely rejuvenated while sleeping and internal balance is restored. The product does away with morning grogginess like other sleep inducing drugs in the market and is formulated to the highest quality standards.

Eu Natural also ensures that this natural sleep formula steers clear of dairy, wheat, gluten, binders and fillers, and that the capsules are 100% vegetarian. No artificial ingredients find any place in it. The product is manufactured in the USA following cGMP standards. The manufacturing facility is strictly supervised and regulated to meet federal standards.

A spokesperson of Eu Natural explains the formulation of the product, “Sleep, we feel, should be restful, natural and refreshing, which is why we have used only ingredients in Serenity that have been researched to promote sleep quality.”

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