Genius Incubator Ltd. London has embarked on an ambitious mission of facilitating dialogue between Europe and India to catalyse innovation in sectors such as Banking, Payments, Financial Services & Smart Transportation. They are bringing a delegation of some of the brightest minds from Europe to Europe-India Conclave : Future of Banking, Payments & Technology Dec 17th in New Delhi with over 200 international and indian delegates and 40 preeminent speakers such as Cabinet Ministers and CEOs. The Conclave will also invite selected Indian Fintech startups to pitch for Fintech Storm Hot List Awards and the winners will be crowned at the Award ceremony & Dinner Gala on Dec 17th.

Join the Digital Banking & Payments Revolution! Join a Special Technology Track on "Transforming Trasportation Sector in India" featuring IOT, Big Data, Telematics etc.

London has established itself as the Global Fintech Capital with the most active investors, accelerators, innovation labs, incubators and a record number of disruptive startups based in London. Fintech Storm Series is one of the key eco system builders in UK, having evangelised Fintech and its every vertical over the past year by featuring the hottest startups every month. Most fintech activity in Asia has tended to concentrate in Singapore and Hong kong and not in New Delhi and Mumbai. We are on an audacious mission to revolutionise the adoption of technology in India and this is our humble attempt in that direction!

Europe is accomplished and ageing. India is young, hungry and restless. The west has a lot to learn from India on frugal innovation : not just cheaper, but better. The virtues of synergy when two able partners come together have been eloquently illustrated by none other than India's power-lister, esteemed Union Cabinet Minister Mr Nitin Gadkari who will grace the Conclave with a keynote address. In his words, if A produces A^2 and B produces B^2, (A+B) produces A^2 + B^2 + 2AB. So our quest is to bring Europe & India together in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship to produce the alpha or 2AB. Mr Gadkari, the master persuader will tell you what India has to offer the world.

We at Fintech Storm have embarked on this ambitious mission of facilitating dialogue between Europe and India to catalyse innovation in sectors such as Banking, Payments, Financial Services & Smart Transportation.

We are bringing some of the brightest minds from Europe to India. There will be over 200 international and indian delegates and 30 speakers with some prominent key note speakers.

We will announce the Inaugural Fintech Storm Hot List Awards to the most promising Fintech companies at the Award ceremony & Dinner Gala. Come enjoy this electrifying meet! Maharashtra's beloved Hon'ble Union Cabinet Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji will preside over the Conclave and give a keynote address

Other confirmed speakers of over 40 preeminent leaders include
1. Saurabh Srivastava formerly with CA Technologies, Chairman NASSCOM
2.V.S.Parthasarathy Group CFO, Mahindra & Mahindra Group
3. Arifa Khan, Managing Director Genius Incubator Ltd, London
4. Shashank Joshi CEO Money on Mobile
5. Dave Birch , Payments Specialist, Managing Director , Consult Hyperion (London) TBC
6. Nicolas Cary , Co Founder Blockchain (London)
7. Steven Murphy, Banking Consultant (New York)
8. Dewang Neralla , MD Atom Technologies
9. Rohit Acharya , Chief Data Scientist, First Access (NewYork)
10. Ketan Doshi , Managing Director Paypoint
11. Han Verstrate, CEO Otonomos (Singapore)
12. Simon Redfern , CEO Open Bank Project (Germany)
13. Ismail Chaib , CEO TESOBE (germany)
14. Srini K , CEO BTI Payments
15. Probir Roy, MD Paymate
16. Sidd Gandhi , CEO KyePot (Singapore)
17. Adi Ben Ari , CEO Applied Blockchain (London)

More speakers TBA
Topics for the 7 themes at the 17th Dec conclave:
1. The evolving Payments landscape, the future ahead
2. Vision 2025 for Financial Services
3. Futuristic Banking - Banking as a platform, APIs, Robotic advisors, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain etc.
4. Financial Inclusion, Microfinance, Offering services to rural india
5. Peer to Peer Funding Marketplaces
6. Innovators & Disrupters
7. Transforming Transportation : Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Telematics, Smart connected cars, e-toll payments

The special Transportation session will have a team of attendees from Ministry of Road Transport, Highways & Shipping
This is a gathering of thought- leaders, intellectuals, innovators, disrupters, CEOs of Banking both old and new, CEOs of firms in IOT, Big Data, Telematics, Microfinance, financial Inclusion, Payment technologies, authors of books, academic researchers, international speakers, startup entrepreneurs.

Selected Indian startups will pitch for Fintech storm Hot List Awards to this august audience of influential Technologists, CEOs, angel invetsors, vcs. Startups can apply on eventbrite or email pitch by 5th November 2015 to [email protected]

Registration details for European and Indian delegates and Startups applying to pitch at the Conclave at

About Fintech Storm Series
Fintech Storm Series ( is a part of Genius Incubator Ltd. and has established itself as the only non conflicted, impartial and objective ecosystem builder of fintech in UK. We have had a very successful first year for Fintech Storm Series, having featured over 50 fintech companies since launch in 2014, large and small, at our monthly series : such as Oracle, SagePay, Zapp, Currency Cloud, TransferGo, Realex Payments, Boku, Bango, Invoice Sharing, Skrill, SafeCharge, MangoPay, iZettle, YoYo,, and Powa Technologies.

We create high quality debate and networking opportunities for the financial technology ecosystem such as Founders of fintech firms, investors, accelerators, innovators, disrupters, evangelists, CEOs, futurists, incumbent big banks and financial institutions with an eye on innovation! In London our audience comprises talented professionals and decision makers at MasterCard, Visa, Amex, PayPal, Lloyds Bank, HSBC, UBS, Barclays, Santander etc.

Arifa Khan, Managing Director of Genius Incubator Ltd. is a former investment banker, with UBS and Credit Suisse in the Financial Sponsors Group, and is incredibly networked in the private equity and venture capital industry and has excellent connections with 100s of CEOs of financial services, technology companies in Europe & India. She has hosted high profile Bilateral Conclaves for cross border investment and technology exchange between Europe & India since 2010. Her exemplary academic and professional track record attracts speakers & delegates of high global standards. She has an MBA from Wharton in Finance and B.Tech from IIT Madras.

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