October 26, 2016 - Langenfeld, Germany — Finden Und Sparen, a full-service Germany-based European price comparison site with a passion for finding the highest quality and most inexpensive products and services possible for shoppers in the greater European region, this week announced they have expanded their inventory from 40 million products derived from 5,000 shops to now 80 millions products derived from over 25,000 shops.

Finden provides a comparison-shopping search engine to the general European public, and consolidates every shopping industry into one easily accessible platform — making consumer’s lives easier and less frustrating. The expansion of their inventory is now going to make holiday shopping as easy as can be with their comprehensive platform layout, covering just about any kind of shopping industry.

“Online shopping can be incredibly tedious, time-consuming, and unnecessarily expensive today,” said Michael Borgstaedt, Founder and Owner of Finden Und Sparen. “With our search engine, shoppers can find absolutely everything they need in one centralized location. It’s going to save people hours of pointless shopping time.”

Finden’s search engine assists shoppers in finding the best deals on products from a selection of over 80 million. The platform features popular products including fashion, washing machines, tablets, beauty products, bedroom furniture, computer hardware and software, games, and many more industries. The site also hosts product reviews on computers, electronics, clothing, and furniture. Additionally, it supplies comparison services for insurances (e.g. vehicle, pet insurance, and health insurance), financial services (prepaid cards and debt management), gas and electricity suppliers, travel packages, free gifts deals and more.

“There’s something for everyone on our site, and we are incredibly excited to have announced the massive expansion of our shopping inventory,” said Borgstaedt.

Borgstaedt is a passionate IT entrepreneur with years of experience in the IT sector (manager of Jobsprinter Jobboard and programmer of Goliath Chess, winner of the World Computer Speed Chess Championship 2001).

For more information, visit: http://www.finden-und-sparen.de/.

Michael Borgstaedt