28 August, 2014: One of the top providers of European barging holidays is offering a 10% discount on Italian river cruises

A spokesperson for international luxury hotel barging company European Waterways says the company has posted its special discounts and offers for 2015. The news is sure to please those planning to embark on what has become a very popular experience, with the company offering 10% discounts for both cabin reservations and barge charters. Departure dates are slated for March 29, April 05 and April 12 — perfect for the local spring season. (Deposits for departure dates must be made on or before April 12, 2015.) 

Routes for Italian River Cruises 

European Waterways reserves one of its premier hotel barges, La Bella Vita (Italian for “The Good Life), to ply its Italian routes – starting from the famous tourist hotspot of Venice and ending in the home of opera, Mantua. The vessel is capable of accommodating up to twenty passengers at a time, with a spacious dining room and generous sun decks to serve them all. 

The spokesperson for the company says potential passengers may be interested to know that La Bella Vita offers three distinctly themed cruises. The first is the classic cruise, which revolves around making regular stops in between Venice and Mantua to take in the best sights and experiences en route. The second is the wine appreciation cruise, which makes it a point to visit some of the best vintners and wine cellars that Italy has to offer. The third and final one is the golf cruise, which allows avid golfers to swing and putt away on Italy’s beloved courses. 

The hotel barges used by European Waterways also contain well-stocked wine cellars and are manned by a team of experts specializing in local attractions and delicacies. 

For those planning Italian river cruises in 2015, the news of these excellent itineraries with one of the top reputable barging companies will come as welcome news. 

About European Waterways: 

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