The manufacturers of food and packaging machines are planning to strongly expand the use of robots at these machines until 2014. Three applications of robots are thereby in the centre point. This is one of the results of the new Quest study „The future of the robots use until 2014 in the German machinery industry“.




The new Quest study states that with 53% more than each second of these manufacturers are already using robots at the machines. This portion will remain constant until 2014. It signals that the possibilities and chances of robots are already fully identified by the manufacturers in these two sectors.




This is also confirmed by the fact that these machine-builders plan to equip by 51% more food and packaging machines with robots until 2014. This increase is very dynamic and outshines the intended expansion of the production of food and packaging machines So food and packaging machines with robots will extend their portion of all these machines from today 4% to 6% to 2014.




Thereby three applications of robots at the machines show an above average growth: these are the robots application pick & place that will double to 2014 (+95%), palletizing will increase by 35% and material handling by 18% to 2014.




These technological planning of the machine-builders and their effects in the next years may be of special interest for the decision-makers in the food industry as far as new machines and plants or their modernization are concerned.




These results are published in the Quest Trend Magazine on




In the context of this study Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, interviewed 40% of the manufacturers of food and packaging machines with 100 and more employees about the robots‘ use Altogether the study investigated 10 machine-building industry sectors at the end of 2011. Highlights, table of contents and budget of this new Quest study are ready for download on