10, July 2015: As Children’s Day is approaching, have you prepared any gift for your kids? In fact, a thought of their own childhood will parents know that the most pleasant gift for children is to accompany them to play and grow up healthily and happily. Airwheel electric single-wheel scooter allows you and your kids to enjoy intimate moments and may grant your kids a healthy and carefree growth process!


Airwheel intelligent scooter achieves balance, travelling speed adjustment and dynamic detection and correction of changes in bodywork through gyroscope and intelligent chip installed inside it. Easy to learn, it gives a different riding experience to kids. They can feel the charm of modern high and new technology in riding and get increasingly interested in science and technology. Meanwhile, Airwheel electric unicycle is completely electric and pollution-free with an electricity consumption of 1 KWh per 100 kilometers. It can cultivate children’s awareness of low-carbon travelling and enjoy better quality of life.

For kids still in growth stage, self-balancing scooter is safer than bicycles since riding a bicycle requires considering factors such as seat height, way of riding and softness of wheels to prevent adverse impacts on physical development of children. While riding a self-balancing scooter presents a lot of advantages. In the long run, riding such a scooter can improve children’s balance ability and nerve reflex, and increase physical skills and flexibility. Riders should keep their back and waist straight in riding, which can correct humpback and slight spinal lateral bending if any.


Though with many advantages, what parents care most is undoubtedly the safety.

All types of Airwheel scooters are equipped with original imported Sony lithium batteries, which are re-chargeable for 1800 times with a lifespan 3.8 times and a service time 2.9 times of common ones. Reliable in quality, the batteries will not burn or explode, providing more guarantees for safety!

Airwheel self-balancing scooter is also equipped with triple protection mechanism, which can detect working conditions during riding at any time. Once speeding, too large tilt or low battery is detected, it will give a timely alarm and raise the front end of pedal to stop and prevent all possible safety problems.

Never refuse your kids with the excuse of busyness, or you will be regretted! In this big world, kids will be happy if accompanied by you and Airwheel intelligent scooter, and harvest the happiest childhood memories.

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