(Free Press Release) IWantAGirlFriend.com Helps Men Get The Girl No Matter What!

DATELINE (05/01/11) It seems that nice guys always finish last and this is particularly true when it comes to landing a woman. Some men seem to be naturals while others struggle for years to just get a date. So what is it that makes some men masters of it and others struggle every time they get close to a woman? Though you may not believe it, every man is worth of and can have a happy and loving relationship. If you feel as though you have struggled all your life or that you just want to learn what it is to be loved by a woman, then “The Girlfriend Blueprint” is for you.

Luke Liu has become an expert in the field, but he was once like you. He never experienced the joy of a relationship, never went out on a date, and felt that this was the life he was destined to live. Then out of the blue, a beautiful woman asked him out and he was in shock. He started to ponder what he had done differently or what had changed to warrant this drastic change. So out of this quest came “The Girlfriend Blueprint”. What started out as his wonder and retracing has turned into a guide that can help guys just like you.

Who Is Luke Liu?
Luke Liu was an average guy just like you and I. He lived his life and went about figuring that he would never be loved. He felt that love was out of his grasp and that he would never be able to enjoy what so many other guys took for granted. Out of his feelings of rejection and depression came “The Girlfriend Blueprint” which helped him to think through what made this beautiful woman want to go out with him. He thought long and hard and turned this insight into a guide that men from every circumstance and personality could enjoy and learn from. His life had changed forever and he wanted to help men just like him to feel that same enthusiasm.

Why Join IWantAGirlfriend.org?
Membership in this organization really pays off because you get exclusive privileges that others don‘t. You can purchase an exclusive copy of “The Girlfriend Blueprint” by Luke Liu and learn what it takes to land the woman of your dreams. You also get articles, guides, tips, and expert insight that will change your outlook and your life. When you long for love, you feel as though it is not within your reach and that will always have to struggle to make it your own. With the fabulous insights found on iwantagirlfriend.org , you can take inventory of your own life and change it forever. You can land the woman and forever enjoy the love that you so richly deserve.

iWantAGirlFriend.org members will FINALLY learn the following:

Rejection avoidance techniques;
How to trigger attraction in a woman by cutting out what Liu calls “The Silent Killers” offenses all guys make around women;
How to stay out of the “friends zone” forever;
How to get a girlfriend in 90 days, without even being rich or handsome;
Where and how to find the dream girl and why clubs and bars aren‘t the place to make a love connection;
Ways to overcome shyness and build total confidence using Liu‘s “Shyness Shooter” technique;
Where and how to find the dream girl and why clubs and bars aren‘t the place to make a love connection;
Ways to avoid using ´corny pickup lines‘ using Liu‘s “Mighty Mint” method;
How to improve one‘s appearance in order to be more attractive to women;
And more!

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