Ewinyulechengewin.com, an online resource dedicated to providing information about divorce laws and child custody laws in Virginia, recently lauded the SRIS Law Group for successfully assisting clients obtain divorces in Virginia. The website stated that the lawyers of SRIS Law Group are well versed in the divorce laws of Virginia and have successfully defended numerous divorce cases in Virginia. According to Ewinyulechengewin.com, the SRIS Law Group is experienced in handling and planning comprehensive strategies to fight divorce cases where charges such as cruelty, adultery and desertion are filed against their clients or to help their clients file the same against their estranged partner.

In Virginia, there are two grounds for divorce, namely, fault and no-fault grounds for divorce. The fault grounds for divorce include cruelty, adultery and a felony conviction. The no-fault ground for divorce is when both parties can prove to the courts that they have lived separately for a certain period of time. Regardless of the grounds, divorce proceedings can be painful and most of the times, messy and can raise a bunch of complicated legal issues like alimony. Being aware of divorce laws and understanding the part a court plays in a divorce can make these proceedings run easier and smoother. Equally important is the need to retain the services of a competent divorce lawyer who can not only file the necessary legal papers but also advice and counsel an individual undergoing divorce proceeding.

Regardless of whether their clients need a divorce lawyer in Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, Prince William or any other city of Virginia, the SRIS Law Group, according to Ewinyulechengewin.com, assures to do their best to help their clients get the best possible results based on the fact of their cases. The law firm further provides clients with all the necessary counsel on how to obtain a divorce in the least stressful manner possible. To get more details please go to http://ewinyulechengewin.com/

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