France; 08/28/2018: One of the leading luggage brands across the world, Delsey provides a new range of products in the Helium series. The entire range of these products comes with several beneficial features that make it useful for all kinds of travelers. One of the biggest advantages of this range is its light weight that is primary due to the fact that the entire set is made using carbon plastics and nylon materials. The biggest piece in this entire collection weighs about ten pounds, which makes it very convenient for people to carry these while traveling by plane. The light weight ensures travelers are not financial burdened and inconvenienced due to the overweight fees charged by most of the airlines. 

The Delsey Helium luggage range is convenient to carry around because it comes with collapsible handles that have a longer durability. These handles provide complete control to the users while traveling. Moreover, the wheels on these bags are sturdy and durable and are capable of managing all kinds of sharp turns. Several zippers found in other luggage brands are problematic because these get worn out over a period of time or break. However, the Helium range comes with self-repairing zippers that provide users regain complete control in case these are off their normal lines. Users only need to unzip the problematic area and move the zipper over the same area again to restore the functionality. 

The graphite frame when you buy Delsey Helium luggage offers a durable shaft to the bags that keeps these pieces light but capable of handling all pressure levels. The nylon materials used to manufacture these items is of a very high quality that will not come apart when compared with other fabrics used by other manufacturing companies. All the pieces of luggage in this range are provided with clips that can be used to handle additional luggage. Moreover, users can also use a webbing strap with these clips that is adjustable and can be controlled in a manner that allows users to handle different kinds of luggage pieces with convenience and ease. 

For people who travel frequently, it is important to have different sizes of bags to match their various travel needs. Such people can have great flexibility and convenience if they opt for the Delsey luggage set, which comprises several pieces of different bags that will match all your different requirements. The company is a France-based manufacturing entity offering some of the finest quality of luggage for several years. The manufacturer using innovative and high-tech cutting edge processes to provide the best quality of luggage for travelers across the globe. One of the biggest reasons that make the luggage from this company popular is the light weight because nobody was to be inconvenienced with heavy bags while traveling. The French manufacturer provides different ranges of products, which includes the Belleville, Helium, Honore, and other product categories. Travelers can buy these products through the company website at or browse the Internet to find other online stores that provide these items for affordable prices. 


Delsey is a luggage manufacturer based in France and provides high quality and durable luggage. The light weight of the various products makes it one of the most popular brands around the world.