Hong Kong; 10, July 2015: Exchain International introduces low cost and reliable shipment and warehousing solutions in Hong Kong for e-commerce companies that purchase goods from China. Moreover, they ship products to the customers of the respective e-tailers through order fulfillment services. The objective is to provide e-commerce stores with a complete solution, from logistics, warehousing to product shipment. This way, Exchain International allows e-commerce companies to focus more on marketing their products and takes all the pain of storage and logistics management.

Exchain International creates an e-commerce logistic service platform in Hong Kong by establishing warehouse operations center and taking advantage of Hong Kong’s low cost in air freight and cargo express. The e-commerce logistic and order fulfillment services cover the majority of destinations in the US, UK, Australia and most European countries, allowing e-commerce players to deliver their products in a large part of the global market. The company maintains an improved order processing mechanism that reduces the error and expedites the product delivery at global destinations.

Announcing about their new service portfolio, the spokesperson of the company maintains that they are offering a variety of shipping and delivery options, from international post to dedicated line that include cargo to destination and re-route to local postal services. They also offer international express and all this come at good discount prices and which allows e-commerce companies to save on costs and increase their profitability.

Besides offering e-commerce logistics, they recently started offering e-commerce goods importing to China. With huge demand from China for the overseas online shopping, such a service facilitates international online stores to sell their goods directly to Chinese buyers. This way, Exchain International helps maintain a two-way flow of goods for e-commerce retailers to gain from the emerging online shopping trends.

Exchain International strives to keep the shipment cost of the e-commerce companies to the minimum by integrating with different courier companies, Postal offices, custom and aviation departments and other players in the business. To learn more about their logistics, warehouse and fulfillment services, one may visit the website http://www.globalexchain.com/

About Exchain International:

As a group member of sendfromchina.com, which has been operating more than a decade of e-commerce logistics industries, Exchain International has now expanded its operations in Hong Kong. They launched Hong Kong warehouse services in 2015. They offer more than fifteen kinds of shipping ways from Hong Kong to other countries, providing low cost transportation and fulfillment solutions for various e-commerce online shopping platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and others.

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