Are you currently on the hunt for new draperies in your home or office? If so, get excited about some of the 2013 trends created by interior design Lancaster Pa professionals. There are several exciting changes that will bring a bit of style and elegance to your interior design plans.

Neutrals are back, but not boring

There have been several predictions by interior design industry officials that show neutrals are making a comeback in 2013. By definition, neutrals are gray, black and white. However, this year blue is considered a neutral color for decorating. For draperies, this will be focused on colors such as light blue and navy blue. This will give a cool and crisp appearance to a room and contrasts well with other trends for 2013 such as jewel tones.

Letting the light in

America is moving into a more eco-friendly environment and interior design is part of that process. One of the ways that people are incorporating these ideals is to use what they are already given for free. For example, instead of heating a room, opening the curtains to let the light in is ideal. In order to give some privacy, plain white see-through draperies are commonly requested.

The new browns

In the past two decades, khaki was a standard. Interestingly, this camel color is getting a little bit creamy. Along with a solid cappuccino color, brown leather is also making a mark in the drapery world. Following this earthy palette, you will see warmer yellows, orange reds and dark olives.

White background bold patterns

Most interior design for 2013 includes a lot of plain items that easily complement almost anything else. On the other hand, one trend for draperies Lancaster PA is extremely bold. Mainly, you will find curtains and draperies that are using patterns that have a lot of color or contrast. To keep things current, be sure to choose fabrics that have a white background in the pattern.

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