Liquid Supps has released an exclusive online deal for liquid diet supplements.

(Chandler Arizona, 1/1/2013) -  For the next six days, Liquid Supps will be offering a Groupon special in which people can purchase supplements for only $12.99, compared to a normal price of $39.95.  This is a limited 67% discount, and people across the country are taking advantage of the sale.

Liquid Supps is a brand that, using cutting edge development and research, creates highly concentrated liquid extracts of the most effective health supplements out there today.  Research has proven that liquid supplements increase absorption and enhance benefits of herbal extracts while minimizing side effects.  The Physician’s Desk Reference, a medical guide for doctors, found that only 10-20% of vitamins are absorbed in regular vitamins, while 98% of liquid vitamins are absorbed. With GMP certified laboratory and manufacturing facilities, Liquid Supps provides many satisfied customers with high-quality liquid extracts that promote healthy lifestyles.

Liquid Supps is offering four different supplements in the Groupon special that are popular among customers for their fat loss effects, anti-inflammatory benefits, and appetite suppression.  The Liquid Supps Raspberry Ketones supplement, which breaks down fat cells without creating jitters or excess stimulation, is popular for weight loss.  The supplement works to lower fat storage when taken in a 250mg does.  Liquid Supps also offers a Green Coffee Bean Extract option, which utilizes Chlorogenic acid as a natural antioxidant.  It inhibits glucose and aids in fat-burning effects with a 400mg does. The Garcinia Cambogia supplement works to control appetite and manage a lean body mass, while inhibiting enzymes that store body fat. Finally, the Saffron Extract helps control a person’s appetite while managing healthy cholesterol levels.  It aids memory loss and neuro-degenerative disorders, while promoting healthy eating.  

According to Liquid Supps, “The bottom line at Liquid Supps is our product and our passion for providing excellent formulations and unbeatable customer service.  If you are looking for a supplement that works, and works better than any other product on the market, you have come to the right place.”

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