Many companies are adjusting where they have their clothing manufactured to better reflect their level of social conscious.  Executive Order Clothing, an increasingly popular brand, recently announced they have joined the list of countries moving production away from Pakistan, and are now having their apparel made in Waterloo, Canada.

August 5, 2015
There's a huge demand for apparel brands who are not only making their clothing to the highest standards, but are also sourcing their materials and manufacturing them as ethically as possible. The young, yet promising brand, Executive Order Clothing (Executive Order Clothing, L.L.C.) are covering all of these bases.  Recently, in this spirit, the company announced they have joined global giants, such as the Disney Corporation and pulled their manufacturing out of Pakistan. Executive Order Clothing will now be constructed with precision in Waterloo, Canada. The response to this news has been very enthusiastic.

During a telephone interview with EOC's Founder, Michael J. Young Jr., we'ved discovered that the Brand is not only making remarkable progress as a New Brand on the Block, but also making positive changes to ensure longevity.

On September 11th, the brand will expand greatly with the first wave of “Cut and Sew” designs, as well as Cut and Sew designs for Ladies inspired by Young's Late-Grandmother and Aunt being added which cover Custom wear such as V-Necks, T-Shirts with Alligator Skin and Genuine Leather, Polos and Sweaters. Most of which will be Hand-made, and all of which will look and feel amazing.

Executive Order Clothing's coming releases consists of both women and men's shirts that display marvelous art and design, crafted by staff with resumes that include experience with Major Brands such as Akademiks, Ralph Lauran and Enyce.

When asked what we can expect from these Women Products, Michael takes a deep breath, and replies with one word, "Elegence". He goes on to say, "My Mom-Mom [Grandmother] came from an Asian decent and had a great spirit, and we are finding a way to incorporate both, within Fiber, in her memory. And I've always been obsessed with my Grandmothers lineage and the Culture itself. Especially, the creativitity of Asian Technology and Fashion. So I would love to see some Executive Order products with an Hip, Classy, Asian twist."

And your Aunt?

He jokingly replies, "Now, we are talking about incorporating many things that I may have to stuff into fiber." He pauses before going on. "Actually, losing my Aunt is a recent event. It was actually an event that made me realize a lot about life itself. There are definitely people on this Earth whose Quality of life will forever live on through others, and I would like our Clothing to do the same. To get back on track, Aunt Freda definitely put the 'E' Elegant. She was  Fun, Serious, Classy and her spirit one of a kind. Who wouldn't want those attributes in their everyday wear?"

So, any Surprises from Executive Order?

"Well, it wouldnt be much of a surprise if I answered that", Michael laughs. "But I am proud to say that Executive Order Clothing is here to stay.  It's great to say that even after our Trademark was opposed by Luxury Clothing Brand, Escada, we've been granted the Registration of our Baby [Executive Order Clothing] within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.”

The company is happy to offer an “Executive Exchange” Insurance Policy on items priced at $35 and up, where clients may exchange any clothing product for a brand new one. No questions asked (even if its stained or torn) within 60 days of purchase. Now this is definitely a first for a Clothing Brand. Quite possibly...any Brand.

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Caitlyn Montgomery