Singapore — Local business ExertChange Pte Ltd, is pleased to offer effective virus removal services for small to medium businesses, effective immediately. If your business is looking for a new way to handle viruses and malware, contact ExertChange today and let them show you how their virus removal services can help your business.

Business owners don’t know their computer systems have been infected until afterwards and then they end up paying an exorbitant fee to an IT contractor to repair the issues. This time consuming task is expensive and usually not guaranteed with other service providers.

If virus or malware attacks your computer systems, ExertChange will send out our trained virus removal specialists to rid your systems of the afflicting virus and get your business back online as if nothing had happened. What’s the difference between ExertChange’s virus removal service and the competition’s? Value, affordability and a guarantee. ExertChange costs hundreds less than any other IT contractor in the industry and can guarantee their work.

CEO of ExertChange Pte Ltd was recently quoted in a business quarterly interview as stating that “today’s small businesses are at a much higher risk than many of their larger corporate counterparts. Hackers, spammers and cyber thieves are targeting small businesses and downloading viruses into their systems. This can cost the small business owner thousands of dollars and, in some cases, can cause irreversible damage to the business.”

ExertChange Pte Ltd will provide unlimited Online removal, Phone Virus support, multi-layered protection tools and constant monitoring from our team of virus removal professionals.

Since September of 2013, ExertChange Pte Ltd has been offering IT solutions the business world can depend on. Rather than offering the usual “after the fact” IT services, ExertChange Pte Ltd believes in ensuring IT issues don’t arise in the first place and, if they do, the small business owner is better prepared.

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