Fenton, Missouri; 12, October 2016: Over the last few years, pollution and carbon emissions have become an important concern for all businesses. However, for some companies, pollution from vehicles could endanger the health of employees. This is the case where vehicles are kept indoors. If the engines are turned on, even briefly, fumes can fill up the atmosphere. Fume-A-Vent is providing the solution to this issue. They provide exhaust removal systems that guarantee a safe work environment.

Business owners have a duty of care to their employees. Fume-A-Vent aim to ensure that all work environments with vehicles are clean and clear from toxic fumes. They offer a wide range of different systems to suit any workplace with cars or vehicles in operation.

What Is A Fuel Exhaust System?

Fumes produced when a vehicle engine is turned on include a number of toxic chemicals and particles. These are created by the combustion process and will be released, even if the engine is only on for a short period. Outside, these fumes escape into the air and are not as dangerous. In a closed room or building with no ventilation, the fumes flood the atmosphere.

These chemicals have been suggested as causes of cancer in the workplace. Leaving the vehicle exhausts free to release these fumes could mean that a company is liable for damages from injured employees.

But, exhaust removal systems can be fitted on to the exhausts of any vehicles. They will ensure that none of the toxic chemicals escape into the air around the work environment. Instead, they are removed safely.

Custom Exhaust Systems

Not all business environments are the same and Fume-A-Vent know this. They understand that an exhaust removal system that will fit one company will not be suitable for another. That’s why they aim to offer the widest range of different systems on the market. Clients are even able to purchase a custom design so they can choose the exact exhaust removal system that they require. For instance, some businesses will want the hoses elevated, out of sight when not in use. With overhead rope and pulley systems, this is a feasible option. That way when the system is not being used, the work environment is kept clean and clear.

Who Needs Exhaust Removal Systems?

Fume-A-Vent recommends that any business with vehicles kept inside use an exhaust removal system. This includes firefighters, mechanics and possibly car dealerships. Fume-A-Vent has worked with numerous high profile businesses. Both Ford and Jaguar use their systems in the factories that they operate.

About Fume-A-Vent:

Fume-A-Vent is a producer of high-quality extraction units. With over thirty years in the industry, the company strives to provide the best solution. Systems are delivered ready to install, with all the information needed included. Fume-A-Vent work with their clients to ensure that they get exactly what they need from their exhaust removal system.

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