Small Business, Big Impact 

From TV ads to promotional videos to viral social media clips, a well-produced film can have a big impact for small and medium sized businesses. Modern audiences are used to seeing videos in a wide range of situations, from online ads to in-store promotions. Creating a vibrant, effective film can shift give you access to new markets, new audiences and new opportunities. At Paralondon, we aim to give you the video you need at an affordable price. 

Affordable TV adverts 

Television, cable and satellite channels give their advertisers access to vast audiences. While some channels are divided into regions, others go out across Europe. Linking a product to a popular show is a recognised way for driving business and increasing sales — but it only works if you have a great ad to screen. 

Paralondon provides professional studio space for TV and advertising producers, as well as offering complete ad creation services, including venue, filming, editing and post-production. 

Online promotions 

Many products and services are hard to explain using only text and diagrams. Show your customers and potential customers why they should choose you by creating a demo video or a promotional piece for your website. A video is often the ideal way to explain a complex service, or to show people why they need a product they haven’t heard of. 

Videos create confidence, showing that a product works as advertised, and are ideal for training both staff and customers, as well as increasing sales. This is particularly important for ecommerce. Shopping online requires a buyer to place their trust, and their financial information, in the hands of the merchant. A video displaying a product or service reassures the customer that they will get the quality and value they expect. 

The right video for the right audience 

From script to final editing, different videos need to meet different standards depending on their audience. As an example, TV adverts need to be technically high-quality and provided in the appropriate output format for the network. They need to fit very stringent time limits which may vary from channel to channel. They’re also typically very short, under a minute in length. 

Web videos can be as long as you like, but they must be compressed effectively to be easy to view over the internet. The technical specifications are different, as is the pacing. Online videos are often picked up and shared hundreds or thousands of times through social media. It’s important to be aware of this trend when creating online video content. 

At Paralondon, we provide the right video for the right audience. Our goal is to provide the expert support you need, whether that’s sourcing and vetting a complete professional crew, from script writer to make up artist.. 

How it works 

There’s more to making a great video than setting your camera phone somewhere stable and pressing ‘record’. Although many amateur efforts have made a big splash in the last few years, particularly online, these are the exception rather than the rule. Audiences are becoming more and more discerning, quickly losing interest and channel hopping or clicking away from unattractive ads. 

It’s particularly common for small businesses to have low-quality videos as, up to now, it’s been hard for independent SMEs to gain access to professional quality services at an affordable price. Paralondon gives you that access. We work with a roster of experienced industry professionals, so we can create your dream team quickly and easily. Our expert staff will help you plan your shoot, working within your budget to turn your vision into a reality.