Montreal, QC; 28, November 2015: Winter can be a time of year when people get cabin fever, and the walls of their homes can feel like they are closing in. Charlotte Barkowski at Akii Kollections has put together a group of home decor ideas that will help people kick the winter blues, and find ways to enjoy a more soothing and relaxing winter.

Barkowski personally crafts and curates the unique home accessories offered on her Akii Kollections website. Her collections of high-end artisan products are inspired by, or found on her travels around the world. She uses the company blog to offer her customers creative advice on how to use those products to create a unique and personal look to their homes.

In her blog, Winter's Coming: Time To Cozy Up Your Home, Barkowski offers a variety of practical suggestions on how to take the edge off winter and enjoy your home's interior decor. She starts off by suggesting that itchy and uncomfortable materials only help to enhance the negative feelings that come with winter, which means that itchy clothes and blankets should be replaced with softer items. A cotton blanket on the couch can give a comforting feeling that makes a winter day much more tolerable.

Barkowski offers unique home decor advice that can make a home more welcoming during the winter months. She suggests decorating with wooden home accessories to take advantage of the warm look of real wood, and she suggests replacing standard white light bulbs with yellow colored lights to tone down the ambient lighting in your home.

The Akii Kollections blog is filled with helpful articles such as this one, and they all take unique approaches to common issues. By utilizing her customized inventory of products for sale, Barkowski is able to give advice on dressing up a home's interior that most other retail sites are unable to offer.

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