Exterior painting is more difficult to attempt than interior painting. You need to climb ladders to reach the upper floors, escalade the roof, if you want to paint it as well, face the elements and the fear of heights.


In addition, if you do not perform your job correctly, not only will you get more chance of falling from a certain height, but you will also make your neighbors talk, because an exterior painting mistake is going to be seen by everybody who passes by your house.


So, if you do not want to be the comedian of the neighborhood, leave this task for the pros and address a team of exterior painters Vancouver WA or house painters Vancouver WA. They have the necessary equipment to provide this type of services and will deliver a great result.


At the beginning, the experts need to repair all the imperfections present on the exterior walls, and also on the roof, if the roof requires a new paint as well. Unlike the interior paint that can be easily removed by a specialist, the exterior paint is tougher and much more resistant.


Because of this, the experts have to apply the new paint onto the old one, without eliminating it for good. The important thing to mention here is that, in time, the exterior paint loses its brightness and the color fades away. So, applying the new paint onto the old one is not a tragedy.


To make sure the new paint will be seen in its entire splendor, painters use a sandpaper to remove any blistered paint and then apply a layer of lime onto the walls. Lime is white and changes the appearance of the house, allowing the new color to display its beauty without barriers.


However, this works only if the exterior walls are made from bricks or concrete. If the exterior of the house is covered with aluminum panels or wood, other methods should be considered. Luckily, professional exterior painters Vancouver WA or house painters Vancouver WA will know what to do.


In these special cases, when the house is not made from bricks or concrete, the experts repair the damaged areas and then cover them with a stain-blocking primer. The lime is not recommended now, because it has no effect on aluminum or wood; it is preferable to use a white paint, instead of lime, in this case.


For exterior painting, specialists use two main types of paint: oil-based paint and latex paint. The first one takes about a day to dry out, while the second dries much quicker. Both these types of paint present some limitations, that are taken into account by experts before selecting one of them.


For example, oil-based paints are not recommended to be used when the air temperature is very low. On the other hand, latex paints need to be applied a couple of hours before sundown, because they can get negativelly affected by dew.


Specialists know all these limitations and can make the right decision, based on the location of the house that will be repainted, and also on the preferences of those who inhabit it. Choosing a good paint will increase the value of the house and will catch the attention of those passing by it.



A new paint adds a decorative touch to a house and increases its value, if chosen correctly. Ensure beauty and style for your house by contacting a team of professional house painters Vancouver WA or exterior painters Vancouver WA and go for the loveliest house in the neighborhood.