It is announced that EyeCandy Sunglass has worked together with Fuse Lenses in order to offer the most excellent custom sunglass collection. EyeCandy Sunglasses is the first sunglass sales website to provide replacement and customized lenses for designer sunglasses. Some of the leading brand names that EyeCandy Sunglass carries include Wiley X, Von Zipper, Spy Optic, Smith Optics, Serengeti, Oakley, Michael Kors, Filtrate, Electric, Costa Del Mar, and Bollé. The replacement sunglass lenses the company offers include Polarized Mirror Lenses, Photochromic (Dark to Light) Lenses, 3D Movie, Polarized Tint, and Mirror Tinted Lenses.

EyeCandy Sunglasses is established in order to offer high quality lenses for affordable prices. What sets this sunglass sales website apart from others is their technology and knowledge they inherit. EyeCandy Sunglass is the only sunglass sales portal working with Fuses Lenses on the internet that provides replacement lenses and customized lenses for most sunglasses.

Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to sunglass lenses which can be determined by a number of factors such as thickness and durability, which are imperative. The lenses’ thickness complements its durability. If the lens is quite thin, it tends to flex under pressure. Once the lens flexes, its hard coating breaks down and cracks. EyeCandy Sunglass makes use of sunglass lenses that are 1.6 millimeter thick, not the usually used 0.8 millimeter thick lenses. In addition, the hard coating of the lens is imperative as well. The lenses in the sunglass collection of EyeCandy Sunglass replacement lenses are made from a hard coating fused to its lens and treated through an extreme thermal procedure.

The lens material is important as well. Not every lens material is equally created. The company only works with the leading manufacturers of optical grade polycarbonate lenses. Hence, the offered sunglass collection of EyeCandy Sunglass is of high quality, but is available at affordable prices.

For people who are looking for high quality sunglass selections, please visit EyeCandy Sunglass. With EyeCandy Sunglass joining forces with Fuse Lenses, people can expect that the company will only offer the most excellent and high quality customized sunglass selection. Eye Candy Sunglass and Fuse Lenses are established in order to offer high quality sunglasses, custom lenses, and replacement lenses for affordable prices. For more details with regard to what the company provides, please visit their website at http://www.eyecandysunglasses.com/

Company: EyeCandy Sunglasses
Contact: Jon Martino
Address: Clearwater, Florida
Website: http://www.eyecandysunglasses.com/