08 August, 2014: Last summer, Suarez determined to leave Liverpool to join Arsenal. Steven Gerrard said to him, Arsenal don’t deserve you. His comments become a heated discussion in the nearly two days the British media. The daily mail that Steven Gerrard is right; superstars like La Liga, German Bundesliga, English premier league do not leave them. Like the Adam Lallana, Jack Andrew Garry Wilshere these British popular star, just pseudo genius.

Season of 2013-14, the audience people to FA Premier League is 13.94 million, last year, the London theater audience is 22 million people. After the World Cup exit, Las Vegas became England international destinations, Wilshere where erosion life became public. Once we hope star, drink and smoke in the swimming pool – Daily Mail describe the premier league and representative Wilshere.

Steven Gerrard persuades Suarez don’t to join Arsenal, the key reason is: “I respect the Arsenal, but Arsenal doesn’t deserve Suarez.” Daily Mail that Gerrard, this sentence will be “the premiership is the world’s first league” false ripped to pieces. Arsenal is one of the big five, the champions’ league, but top center are not willing to come.

Daily Mail lament, when Spain, Germany, France become superstar habitat, even Serie A has signs of recovery, only FA premier league is very difficult to attract world-class superstar. When people are more willing to go to London Theater rather than go to the stadium to see the premier league, the premier of the crisis to the real. Premiership star with a high salary–the premiership players’ average reach 31000 pounds a week, while London actors, fifa 15 coins each 50 to one can earn more than £ 20000.

Premiership star is overrated, media questioned Mourinho sold Lewis, Matta, Lukaku, but look at the World Cup, Mourinho is right, because he clearly realized the premiership player of the bubble. Mourinho to travel to la Liga, Serie A and he knows the true value of the premier league players.

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